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Trail-Creeper™ 2.28x4.70 Dual Transfer Cases

Trail-Creeper™ 2.28x4.70 Dual Transfer Cases

SKU: C100127-1-KIT

With a stock 2.28 transfer case, a 3.93 first gear ratio and 3.90 differential, your crawl ratio works out to 35:1. The Trail-Creeper™ 2.28x4.70 Dual Transfer Case changes the crawl ratio in that scenario to 164:1! That massive torque and fine control certainly changes the game, enabling you to take on terrain that others fear to crawl.

The Dual Transfer Case will work in 1979-1995 Toyota Pickups and 1985-1995 4Runners as long as they use one of the transmissions described in the Transmission Matrix below. Note that V6 trucks with the R150F transmission require an adapter plate for compatibility. The G58, A340F and A340H transmissions are not compatible with the Dual Transfer Case!



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